About Us

Bol Magazine is a digital publication committed to sharing the perspectives of Indian* Women, LGBTQ+ and Non-Binary people.

We want to alter the current Indian media landscape that is highly unequal. 0% of women in leadership positions in Newspapers and 13.6% in Magazines reflects this. Of those who write news stories, features, analyses and opinion pieces, only 25% in English newspapers and 17.1% in Hindi newspapers are women (UN Women, 2019**). Representation of lgbtq+ and non-binary communities is even lower.

Through Bol’s online magazine, we address this imbalance by taking direct control of how we are portrayed. We want to provide the opportunity to Women, LGBTQ+, and Non-Binary people to shape public opinion in India and abroad.

Our purpose is to provide a platform for underrepresented voices. We are committed to presenting these voices with an aim to have no patriarchal influence in the process of production. Thus, taking a bottom-up approach and preventing the patriarchal power dynamics from affecting the formation of ideas. We also hope to challenge the stereotypical, sexist and misogynistic content that mainstream media often publishes.

We welcome Women, LGBTQ+, and Non-Binary people to contribute regardless of their caste, income, age, religion or ethnicity. We encourage writers to be creative, challenge the narratives, start discussion and debates, and be unapologetic in doing so.

*Not to be restricted by nationality/citizenship. A person who identifies as Indian or researches India and is interested in writing for us is welcome to contribute. We will review articles on a case-to-case basis.

**Source: UN Women, 2019. Gender Inequality In Indian Media: A Preliminary Analysis

Please see how to pitch if you would like to pitch an idea for submission to Bol Magazine. For more information, please see our FAQs.