Who can write for BOL? 

BOL publishes content exclusively by Women, lgbtq+ and non-binary people. Read about to know more!  

Who is running BOL?  

BOL is run by a team of passionate Editorial staff determined to create this space. It was founded in May 2020.  

Can I write about anything?  


I am not an Indian citizen; can I write for BOL? 

Yes, we do not restrict writers by citizenship, however articles from non-Indian citizens are reviewed for relevance on a case by case basis.  

How much time will it take to publish my work? 

2-4 weeks. If you are working on your piece a deadline of 2 weeks is assigned for a first draft. Thereafter we work on the article with you for 2 more weeks before it can be published. We reserve the right to publish.  

Does BOL accept content that has been published before?  

We encourage original submissions.  

Can I republish my BOL article on another website? 

We prefer it if our contributors do not republish their pieces.  

Will my piece submission definitely get published? 

No, this is at BOL’s discretion. We encourage writers to communicate and work with us, however, the submission may not be published.  

How do I get in touch for commercial inquiries and/or partnerships?

Please fill out the form in the contact page