How to Pitch

Here is a form where you can pitch an idea for your submission. 

Once we receive your pitch, we will contact you as soon as possible. When your pitch is accepted, we will set a deadline for you with some advice on ideas, format of the article and word count. We expect all work to be original, accurate and not plagiarized. If you are referencing any facts or studies, please hyperlink them.  

When the piece is published, your name will be in the byline with a short one-sentence bio. We will promote your article on our social media pages. 

Include these points in your pitch:

1. Tell us why you’re the best person to write it? Whether you’re a specialist or have previously written on the topic, or you have access to people who you can interview, or any other reason! 

2. Give us your argument. We want to hear your thoughts on the issue you want to cover, tell us why it matters to you and what impact you hope to have by writing on it! 

3. Keep it concise, a pitch is just a brief, so make sure to include the important bits that give an idea of the issue, your argument and what you’d like to include – interviews, reviews etc. 

4. If you can’t think of an idea but want to write, email us or message our social media platforms, get in touch and we’ll give you a pitch! 

“and when we speak we are afraid 
our words will not be heard 
nor welcomed
but when we are silent 
we are still afraid
so it is better to speak 
we were never meant to survive”
– Audre Lorde

The content on Bol is a reflection of our voices and we encourage writers to be creative, challenge the narratives, start discussions and debates and be unapologetic in doing so. 

We strongly encourage women, non binary and lgbtq+ people from marginalised communities to apply!

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